DREAM first. JOB second.

When I met Alastair Ong, he was happy and successful but Alastair is the type of person that always wants to do more, be more. During his Bright Livelihoods program, he tapped into an old dream he had and then made it a reality. Currently, he is the CEO of GreenSoul Shoes, a company that helps the environment, local economies and most importantly is dedicated to putting shoes on the feet of children who do not have them, all over the world. Learn more at:http://gss.greensoulshoes.org/

Here is Alastair talking about his his experience with our program:

At  Bright Livelihoods, we direct people to put effort into clarifying dreams before changing jobs for the following reasons:

1. Edge. In this competitive job market, good is not good enough. You have to be better, smarter and more confident than the competition so going after your passion, will give you that edge.

2. Focus. The world of work is complicated, so knowing yourself, your purpose and strengths will help you focus on those industries, projects and jobs that you will have a connection to.

3. Happiness. Doing emotionally satisfying work that is aligned with your dreams will make everything better and bring you, your colleagues and your family more happiness.

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