Working Inside Out, Dr. Julie Hartman

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Are you a different person on the inside then you are at work? Start working inside out…

It is my great honor to share a new series called Working Inside Out, highlighting the contributions made by the amazing people I have worked with starting with Dr. Julie Hartman who founded the Mindful Resource Center and is running teen summer camps in Northern California this summer.

All the people I have had the privileged of working with over the years have one thing in common, they want to be themselves at work. In the process, they have all created new ways of being and working that have made a positive impact.

Dr. Julie Hartman has always been devoted to supporting people, especially youth, in experiencing ‘the growing-up process’ as meaningful, successful and special. When she originally completed her Bright livelihoods one-to-one program she was building a thriving private practice as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Then 2 years ago, she completed her Bright Livelihoods Professional Certification Program to further her career quest to now also help people outside the office.

In the process, she discovered that one of her favorite things is to synthesize ‘what works’ in the behavior change process and deliver it in her own way to people via classes, instructional videos… and even in summer ‘camps’. She founded the Mindful Resource Center (MRC) with a mission to provide best practices in positive parenting, healthy stress management and effective communication, using technology and brain science to make learning as easy and pleasurable as possible. You can learn more here.

It was fun to catch up with Julie this week and what struck me as especially exciting is our shared commitment to help youth. In fact, she has this awesome “Teen Stress Reduction Camp” this summer in the San Francisco Bay Area (Marin) to help Teens learn and practice evidence-based methods to reduce stress as a way to enrich their growing-up process. Things like Guided Visualization, Mindfulness Meditation and other exercises are just what stressed out teens need – I wish I went to a camp like that when I was a Teen! In our catch-up talk this week, I asked her what she had gained in her Bright Livelihoods program that helped her pursue this addition to her already thriving career and she offered three main benefits:

1. The one-to-one coaching program and the group coaching program allowed her the ‘safety’, structure and support to test her ‘coming out’ of the office to manifest a bigger dream to help even more people.

2. She further clarified the distinction between therapy and coaching, between behavior change and behavior enhancement – a positive part of Bright Livelihoods ‘how to be a coach’.

3. While both programs had a common ‘blueprint’, it was great taking both 5 years apart because it offered Julie the contrast of where she’s been, where she’s come and the confidence in where she’s going.

It was a great honor working with Dr. Julie Hartman and I hope you will support her new business by sharing her link with others.

Laurel Donnellan

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