Do You Love What You Do?

Or maybe something else is calling you…

Join us for a free Bright Livelihoods webinar:

February 15th – Turn Worry into Wonder: How to better prepare your teens or college aged children for career success
February 22nd – Bright Livelihoods:  Career change for adults
February 29th – How to start your own business for  $100

These webinars are opportunities for you to meet Laurel Donnellan, founder of Bright Livelihoods, to discuss your current career, what you were born to do and how can you get from here to there. If you prefer, you can set up a private 1/2 hour consultation with Laurel to see what we do and how we do it. Learn more at

You will only need to register once for the series and we will contact you with a weekly reminder to help you make it to the webinar. We look forward to ‘meeting’ you soon!

Register here.

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