Cure for Career Anxiety – Condition #6: Tech Lag


There is an epidemic sweeping the world now, career anxiety. It is evidenced by low job satisfaction and engagement rates and a need for all to dig deep and find resilience in a rapidly changing global economy.   This blog series will be a conversation guided by reader questions and is designed to cure career anxiety and bring you to career clarity.

Question from a reader: I hate to admit it but most of career anxiety stems from how I feel around technology. Most of my colleagues are younger and I am embarrassed to ask then for help but I struggle every day and feel like I have fallen so far behind, I will never catch up.  Can you help me?

The Cure: Three Steps

I suspect there are many of my readers that feel the same way. We have moved from a workforce who had access to IT departments to one where everyone must become tech proficient. Here are my best tips from my experience:

1. Stop saying “I am not a technical person.”  And instead, say “I am learning about technology.” In order to create value at your current job, and to have more options for your future, you must become a proactive and life-long learner of technology.

2. Make a tech learning list of what you need to master to become better at your current job and then a list of things you want to learn for the longer term. For example, I am currently learning about using Google apps as a way to organize projects, and how to use the Buffer App to post on my social media channels. My longer term goal is to learn how to shoot and edit video and screen casts.

3. Start learning today. Use this list to schedule your time.  I like to focus on one topic a week. There are free video tutorials on almost every subject if you are an independent learner or sites like if you want to make a small investment. You can also take classes online or in person, if you prefer working with a teacher. I have learned many things from peers and interns who have the talent and patience to teach and I also like to use cloud apps such as and that have very helpful live support.

Please let me know how it goes and feel free to share other tips and sites that may be helpful to our readers.

Laurel Donnellan

CEO and Founder, Bright Livelihoods

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