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Crowdsourcing is the rapidly growing practice of obtaining needed capital by soliciting online contributions. 

I learned about a great site you can use to raise  funds for your favorite cause tonight at an event sponsored by the conscious business network, here in Chicago. is the awesome invention of three young social entrepreneurs where you can buy or donate a service to raise funds for great not for profit organizations. Kickstarterand Indiegogo are two of the most popular sites in the space. 

Want to take a guess at how much money was raised last year from crowdsourcing?

$2.7 billion was raised for a variety of projects,  including social causes, start-ups and art projects and that is an over 500% in crease over the previous year. Because of the recent passing of the JOBS act that will make crowdsourcing a legal way to raise funds for equity online this growth rate will continue to be strong. Here are a few sites to look at in response to this development.





Learn more of this phenomenon at this great resource:

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