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55% of Americans are dissatisfied with their work. And, 70% of employees are disengaged. In assessing whether or not you are on the path to career fulfillment, see how many on this list YOU can check off:

1. When you are at work, you often lose track of time instead of watching the clock.

2. You enjoy reading your trade publications or other information about your field.

3. You have colleagues at your job or in the same field who you respect and admire.

4. Either you are doing your dream work currently or the work you are doing now is a necessary step in creating dream work.

5. You don’t cringe when people ask you what you do. You enjoy talking about your work.

Ideally, you can identify with most of the list, but many people will find that there are very few items on that list that describe their current outlook.  If that is the case for you, you may be ready for a change in course.  The good news is that the sooner you work on creating a new path, the more likely it is you will have more career satisfaction in the future.

Come join us explore strategies for developing happiness at work in the future and choose one based on your professional DNA.

Creative Careers for a Changing Economy—Free Webinar.  Tuesday, April 15, 2014, 7:00-7:45pm Central.

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Webinar Facilitator, Laurel Donnellan

As Founder and CEO of Bright Livelihoods, Laurel Donnellan has dedicated her life to helping people find their home in the world of work and has over 30 years of leadership and human development expertise.

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