Create Space by Forgiving Yourself

In my own journey for finding and follow my calling, I have made MANY mistakes and have disappointed people who I love very much.  The ability to carry on has hinged on my ability to learn from my mistakes, forgive myself and do my best to create a path to good work that serves other. Along the way, I have relied on many healers and spiritual teachers to help me including Mark Anthony Lord. His latest book which is filled with helpful exercises, Thou Shall Not Suffer inspired me to write this which I hope you will use to create psychic space:

My Forgiveness Prayer

Today I believe in the power of forgiveness. 

I am receiving clear, constant and consistent love every day until this healing energy removes my shame, disappointment and my sense of failure.

I will dig deeper to my true nature and learn to love and accept myself more and more and more.

Right here and now, I am channeling gentle forgiveness to myself for everything I have done and not done.

I know that this process is creating a space for more self-compassion, peace, love, gentleness, abundance, order and health.

Laurel Donnellan




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