We use our company values to guide how we develop the services we provide our clients, team and world:

  1. Live your Genius
  2. Execute with Excellence
  3. Invest in our Communities
  4. Honor Serenity & Wholeness
  5. Cultivate Enduring Relationships

We believe in blending sound business practices with a commitment to social responsibility. The power of that belief led us to offer programs and scholarships to youth, unemployed adults and partnerships with schools and other community organizations.

For example, we donated our time, materials and programs to Fresh Start in NYC, the longest continuous running program on Rikers Island. Currently offered to men sentenced to serve sentences of less than one year on Rikers, entrance to Fresh Start’s 10 week curriculum is competitive with more than 200 people applying for 24 slots in each cycle.   This thoughtful combination of interventions is targeted specifically at factors known to reduce recidivism and our Career Masters program was completed by two classes.

We strive to be of service to the world community through having an inclusive and triple bottom-line (planet, profit, people) orientation and helping our clients and team identify how they can put their passions into practice.

Learn more by asking us a question, arranging a free 1/2 hour consultation here, or call us at 512-222-6651.