Big Ideas.  New Ideas.  Next Ideas.

Our seven-month intensive program addresses the unique challenges facing those in leadership roles or heading entrepreneurial endeavors. With the support of a coach, you’ll unlock more of your potential as a leader while continuing to develop your career and business plans. and personal interests.

Focusing on personal interests, health, relationships, and values is critical to the process, guiding you to greater fulfillment across all aspects of your life – not just in your career. This program is also very helpful for people who want to develop a new business but need support in choosing or expanding their brightest idea.

Program includes:

  • Option to have  your first and  last sessions with your boss or business partner to develop customized goals and  assess progress
  • Intensive assessment to customize your program
  • Two 1.5 hour sessions a month for seven months
  • Guidance from your coach and  our proprietary materials which provide self-directed exercises
  • Additional customized reading, challenges and  assignments to support your development
  • Audio download for 12 visualizations that go with each of our 12 principles to develop imagination and reduce stress
  • Up to date comprehensive list of resources including related books and helpful websites
  • Email and phone support between sessions to keep you on track

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