This highly customized five session one to one coaching program is ideal for anyone who wants to hone coaching skills including professionals just beginning to explore coaching as well as seasoned coaches who are looking to develop mastery or new approaches to their practice with the support of our founder, Laurel Donnellan.

Program Includes:

    • Customized design based on your strengths and challenges
    • Customized workbook and resources to address your needs
    • Our proprietary curriculum which provides a foundation for creating highly effective one to one and group coaching sessions
    • Additional challenges and assignments to support your development
    • Supervision for practice sessions and coaching learning journals
    • Flexible scheduling for your sessions
    • Email and phone support between sessions to keep you on track
    • A comprehensive plan to integrate this education into your next chapter as a coach and/or professional

Sample Program: 


Module Program /Topics
1. Kick-Off Coaching Objectives

What is Coaching?

What is our methodology?

What is your methodology?

Assignment: Read Workbook and Learning Journal #1

2. Coaching Overview


Professional and Ethical Guidelines

BL Coaching Principles

One to One Guidelines

Service Standards, Case Studies and Service Recovery

Introduction to One to One

Assignment: Coaching Practice #1

Learning Journal #2

3. Groups Group Guidelines

Assignment: Coaching Practice #2

Learning Journal #3

4. Practice and Review Live Coaching Practice and Review

Assignment: Coaching Practice #3

Learning Journal #4

5. Wrap-up and Next steps Review Coaching Objectives and progress

Debrief Highlights of learning journal

Coaching Commitment Plan going forward


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