Ready to shine a light on your most courageous and confident soul? Take the bright step. 

Cautious career changer or confused job seeker? Finding a path that speaks to the truest expression of your spirit requires a plan. We'll help you integrate your spirit with your work for a brighter livelihood.

Work directly with a Bright Livelihoods coach who'll guide you through all fourteen of our proprietary modules. Learn how the past has shaped your ideas around work. Assess your current routine; refine what's working, unload what's not. Uncover keys to your future spiritual and financial success.  Your coach is with you every step of the way to help you align what you do with what you value.

Program modules include live coaching, exercises, and meditations designed to help you do what you were born to do.

  • Pre and post assessments to identify strengths, challenges, and measure your progress.
  • 14 hours live coaching with Bright Livelihoods founder, Laurel Donnellan,
  • A review of your resume, Linkedin Profile and cover letter if you are in a job search
  • A review of your business plan if you want to launch or grow a business
  • Career Masters Guidebook, customized resources and referrals
  • Support along the way for your life, business and career activities
  • Focused attention on self-care, your purpose and priorities so you can develop momentum and confidence
  • Your questions answered through text and email between session
  • Sustainability Plan for putting the learning into action

Module One: Objective Setting and Program Launch

  • Pre-assessment
  • Your story and dreams
  • Customized personal and professional learning objectives
  • Clarification of the vision for coaching program outcomes
  • Logistics, materials and resources
  • Completion requirements
  • Assignments

Modules Two to Five: Courage, Faith, Awareness and Truth

  • Assignments and progress review
  • Learn a new language for finding and following Soul Work and Bridge Work, if needed
  • Learn how to access and activate more courage
  • Identify how to develop a deeper sense calm though peronal practices
  • Pause and retrace your history so you can learn from your past
  • Create a better mindset for change

Modules Six to Nine: Balance, Love, Abundance and Authenticiy

  • Assignments and progress review
  • Identify ways to strengthen your physical, emotinal, intellectual and spiritual health
  • One-to-one coaching demonstration and practice: Health/Wellness
  • Expand and improve you personal and professional support network
  • Create new practices to improve financial sustainability
  • Identify and develop your passions and talents

Modules Ten to Thirteen: Creativity, Integrity, Vision and Commitment

  • Assignments and progress review
  • Identify all of your options for sustanible work including ideal jobs, ideal companies, business ideas, freelance ideas, remote work, porfolio careers, etc.
  • Create a purpose statement for all the hats you wear in life and at work
  • Clarify your vision for Soul Work and Bridge Work
  • Create a comprehensive plan for puting your purpose into practice while supporting yourself financially

Module Fourteen: Update and Wrap  

  • Review personal and professional learning objectives
  • Update of your commitment plan
  • Get addtional resources and support
  • Post assessment and progress
  • Appreciation and next steps

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