CM Story: Julie

I first met Laurel when she held a Meetup group in Boulder about career transition. It was a very positive experience that helped me get my thoughts and dreams down on paper and it marked the first time that I told a group of strangers aloud about my dream for a business. It wasn’t until about three months later that I enrolled for the Career Masters class and I’m so glad I did!

I thought that I was perhaps the “stuckest” person on earth. I was unemployed, unmotivated, and uncertain what the future would bring. I didn’t have the heart or health needed to go back to a stressful, unfulfilling job in the corporate world but I was in desperate need of income in order to support myself. My dreams were lurking in the background but I felt guilty spending any time working on them, feeling that I should be looking for a job instead. My social life had ground to a halt and I was spending more and more time alone and feeling depressed. Fortunately, the Career Masters class came to fruition and it helped me turn my life around.

Picture 2I’ve met so many amazing people in the class who have acted as a support group and have been a very important part of the changes I’ve experienced. I’ve found that I am not alone in my quest to change my life and the way I earn a livelihood and that sharing your story with others is a great way to connect and grow. Through the workbook exercises, I’ve learned so much more about myself and my path. Laurel is an empathetic, passionate leader who helps people uncover their dreams and make concrete action plans in order to achieve them.

Today, I am very happy to report that I have found remarkable bridgework that meets my schedule and salary needs. Things are moving in my life. I have started my own Meetup group for TV Writers and have been enjoying a better social life while working on plans for my business. It feels great to be unstuck and I highly recommend the Career Masters class for anyone who needs a safe, positive place where you can find your true path and embark on that journey. The class has inspired me, helped me, changed me, and allowed me to grow.

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