Name: Jessica Berg
Prior Work: Office Manager
Current Work: NFP Executive Director

What inspired you to take the “Discover Remarkable Work” Program?

I felt very stuck in my previous career(s) – my jobs felt close to what I was supposed to be doing, but everything I tried was “not quite right.” I was really dragged down by this knowledge, and unsure of what direction to go in. And, I was spending way too much time and energy contemplating rather than moving forward with taking appropriate risks to get me to the next place. I fortuitously met Laurel Donnellan at a time when I knew I was in the wrong job.

What is your plan for the future?

This is a really tough question – tough in an incredible way. Just a few years after doing the Passion into Practice program, I’m now in my dream job. (I really didn’t even know what my “dream job” was until it fell on me after my PIP work!) I’m now doing the type of work that I had thought I might be doing ten years from now. Sometimes I think to myself, “What in the world is next???” This isn’t because I’m not happy or because I’m searching for something better. It’s because I’m pretty much in

How did the program help you most?

CLARITY is the word that comes to mind. The program helped me most by helping me to get clear on what I wanted, and helped me to stop saying yes to things thing I knew deep down that I didn’t want. It helped me to take appropriate risks to get to the next place in my career. It helped me to let go of the “judgment rats” so that I could focus on my truth. It helped me to have faith that I would actually find what I was looking for. Is there a PIP to help me find my life partner?

What is the best advice you can give to someone trying to find their calling or discover their dream job?

Get clear. Be patient. Do not stay in jobs that you know aren’t right for you. Know what you can tolerate and what you can’t. Really, really, really be honest with yourself.

Is there a website everyone should visit?