Name: DeMarco
Prior Work: Acupuncture
Current Work: Entrepreneur

What inspired you to take the “Discover Remarkable Work” Program?

I had two reasons for taking the program. I was interested in becoming a coach, and I had also just moved my life and thriving acupuncture practice from Boston, MA to rural Kingfield, ME. I wanted to become a coach because I had been lucky enough to have already found my calling and enjoyed business success as a holistic health practitioner in a competitive market, but also felt like I could use some support in making a challenging but personally gratifying transition.

What is your plan for the future?

I am currently working on bringing together other practitioners in my area to open up a wellness center and my future plan is to expand that into a nationally recognized overnight retreat center. I would like to bring people to the beautiful and healing environment where I live and work. I also have an interest in writing critically about health and healthcare and would like to write a book.

How did the program help you most?

Bright Livelihoods helped me to think big in a small town.Laurel inspired me to start a blog to start writing regularly and to start visioning about the retreat center.

What is the best advice you can give to someone trying to find their calling or discover their dream job?

Plan and vision for the future as it relates to your dream while setting small short-term goals to work toward getting there. You must always be planning, dreaming, and doing. Movement stimulates more movement but sitting still gets you nowhere.

Is there a website everyone should visit?