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Congratulations on committing to your Bright Start! I’ve said it hundreds of times and I stand by my statement: Bright Start is caffeine for your career – a quick shot delivered quickly. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a new job, trying to define your career goals or jumping into a completely new opportunity. Everyone could use a Bright Start. Your goal throughout this class is to think differently about your current work or expand your ideas for future career options. You’re starting with a clean slate. No judgements. No “woulda coulda shoulda.” Once you’ve examined how you got to where you are now, you’re able to shine a brighter light on where you want to be.

Revitalize your job search. Refocus your current career. Revisit your entrepreneurial dreams. Whatever motivated you to make a Bright Start, I’m thrilled that you’re here. Now, let’s get you from vague wish list to actionable to-do list!

Bright Start is conveniently organized in modules - to be taken on your schedule - as follows:

Module 1 - 

  • Watch - Video module 1
  • Pause - It's important to take time to reflect on the module. I suggest waiting a day before you move to the next module.

Module 2 - 

  • Watch - Video module 2
  • Pause - Yep, it's time to reflect again.

Module 3 - 

  • Review - Download, read and complete the workbook exercises. It's important to take your time and truly consider your answers. You'll want to record them in ink (a nifty little muscle memory trick our second grade teachers used when teaching us our nouns and verbs). You'll need to  refer back to them as you create your persona call to action.
  • Act - Now that you have a plan, take it out for a spin. Put your brilliance out there and get ready for real world success.

Bonus Module -

  • Call - Sometimes you need a little support, an extra cheerleader in your corner. That's what I'm here for. Call me at 512.222.6651 OR contact me via email to set up your half-hour coaching session. It's included in your Bright Start package and it's a great way to stay motivated in your quest, be mindful of the great work you've done so far and get the high-five you deserve.