Career Yoga: Support

Yoga is not a religion but it can foster community and service, like other spiritual communities.  People all over the world practice yoga together and through this interaction can create meaningful relationships. Some yoga teachers are very called to giving back to communities in need and others make their studios a home away from home for their students.

In Career Yoga, support is the practice of creating and nourishing your community so that you can be energized and not drained by the old and new relationships you will need for your next career chapter. This support community is called a Vision Tribe. This tribe includes people who can help you emotionally, professionally or both.

Here are the three questions related to support and possible answers to each question. See which answers resonate with you and/or create your own:

1. How can I create healthier relationships with people who challenge me?

  • Practice forgiveness
  • Take on the challenges as a way to create skills and/or confidence
  • Let go of those relationships that no longer are mutually beneficial

2.How can I create healthier relationships with people who support me?

  • Be intentional about spending more time with these people
  • Share your dreams, hopes and fears with this group
  • Express appreciation

3. How can I build a more developed network?

  • Push yourself to attend one event a week that allows you to expand your tribe
  • Make one call to a colleague or friend 3 times a week to catch up and ask them to introduce you to someone that can help you
  • Join a LinkedIn group that intrigues you and participate by posting a question, blog or discussion each week.

Laurel Donnellan

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