Career Yoga: Flexibility


Over time a regular hatha yoga practice will help your body and mind become more limber and open. In Career Yoga, your ability to open your mind and heart to new possibilities and change is essential to finding and following a new path. It can be challenging to create this psychic space. You need to ask and answer three questions that will lead you to this flexibility:

1. Am I holding on to things I need to let go of?

Many times when I work with professionals who want to have more satisfaction, they need to detach from old ideas about themselves and work. For example, they may be too attached to what they studied at school over 20 years ago rather than being focused on what they are curious about or learning now.  Sometimes they are unhappy but unwilling or unable to imagine what it would be like to work for another boss or company. Letting go of old ideas that no longer serve your career happiness is essential.

2. Am I open to new options?

The rapidly changing world economy and the internet can feel overwhelming but if you embrace change you may see it as an opportunity.  Never before have we had so much access to information that can lead you to a multitude of new career options including:

  • A job in a culture that is a better fit
  • Moving from full-time work to freelance work
  • Moving from freelance work to a full-time job
  • Starting your own business or organization
  • Working from home
  • Going back to school while you are working to prepare for your next chapter
  • Creating a portfolio of work where you have multiple jobs with multiple income streams

3. Am I willing to stretch?

To create a work life you love, you will need to get out of your comfort zone and take risks. In the long run, these risks will be worth it. For example, if you want to make money from your art, you may need to spend more time on the business aspects of marketing and selling than is natural for you.

Laurel Donnellan, Chief Visionary

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