Career Yoga: Balance from the beginning

The practice of Hatha yoga joins the ha (the sun) and that (the moon) in a series of poses and breath work to restore physical equilibrium. The practice of career yoga can be thought of in the same way. Exploring the constants in your work history, reviewing your current professional options and combining that research with an imaginative look into your dream future creates physiological equilibrium. When you make livelihood choices with your balance in check – clear, centered and strong  – you really cannot make bad career decisions.

The professional route you’ve taken to get to where you are now, whether you’re satisfied with your work life or seeking change, is the result of a series of decisions. When your career feels satisfying, when you’ve connected with work you love, the flow of these choices, as with asanas in yoga, appear in alignment. Where you decided to go to school, where you live, how you socialize, which jobs you applied for, which career risks you took and which you declined are all examples of separate poses that link together in the flow. When your flow is disrupted, your professional life may feel unstable and your ultimate career goals no longer within reach. Creating more career balance allows you to have a stronger foundation so you can reach for work you love instead of just the next job.

Are you feeling a bit “off” in your professional life? Give the practice of Career Yoga a try. These three key questions and suggested actions have helped our clients create career equilibrium:

How can I become more financially free?

  • Create a financial plan
  • Make sure you are being paid fairly and if you are not, ask for a raise
  • Think about side projects you can do for more revenue
  • Sell things you no longer need
  • Explore other careers and jobs so you have more options in the future

How can I become more physically free?

  • Attend to basics first: water, regular meals, and enough sleep
  • Challenge yourself by upping your exercise routine
  • Get caught up on medical and dental appointments
  • Explore alternative stress/pain relieving therapies such as acupuncture  or massage

How can I become more emotionally free?

  • Forgive someone
  • Talk to a trusted friend about something you are worried about
  • Plan to have a hard conversation you have been delaying THIS WEEK
  • Find a mentor, a therapist, a spiritual adviser or coach to support you
  • Every morning, ask yourself two questions: “How would I like to be treated today?” and “How do I want to treat others today?”

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