Career Transitions Are Possible

Julie Rodriguez has made a career transition from successful high school and 
soccer coach to becoming a financial adviser and has found that
both careers bring her similar intrinsic rewards. In her education career,
she was very content knowing she was preparing kids for a better future and
now she does this for adults ranging from 18 to their late 50’s by attending
to their financial health. Julie explains, “Everyone has a doctor so why not
have a financial doctor too?”

Julie’s transition was prompted by the births of her children, Olivia who is
now 2 ½ and Thomas who is five months old. Despite having a supportive
husband, network of family and friends and qualified care givers, she
decided she wanted to change careers so she could have a flexible schedule
and spend more time with her children. Although Julie loved teaching, she also has a passion for numbers that began in High School when she realized she wanted to grow up and be like her cousin, Adam who was her financial adviser.

Julie began her work transition in 2010 by identifying the education, licenses and regulations
she would need to get started. That year she invested about $1000 and 80 hours of her time to get certified as an adviser while
still teaching until she made the jump to her new career full-time earlier
this year. She is looking forward to growing her practice by focusing on
helping middle-class individuals and families plan for their short-term and
long-term financial management needs. You can learn more about Julie and her
practice at  (Registered representative of & securities offered through ING Financial Partners, Member SIPC. Lionheart Financial is not a subsidiary of nor controlled by ING Financial Partners)

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