DO THE WORK YOU WERE BORN TO DO! Get LIVE coaching, support, and exclusive community advice. February 13th - April 3rd, 2018 @ 6:00pm MST.

MASTER YOUR CAREER IN 8-WEEKS! Are you looking to love your work? Have you gone the DIY route and hit a roadblock? Join Bright Livelihoods CEO Kelly Dwyer for this transformational 8-week program! Each session takes place online and features live, small-group coaching that's perfect for anyone ready to make the commitment to a more sustainable career and life in 2018.

Career Masters is designed to help you get the most from your career. Not happy with your current career? Career Masters helps with that, too. Using our proprietary model, you'll discover how the past informs your current attitudes around work, identify what's holding you back, and design a plan for your future. Once completed, you'll have more confidence, clarity. and a practical plan for securing or creating work that's aligned with who you really are - your purpose-filled work. Turn your career confusion into career clarity.

NEW! Live Program includes:

  • 8 weekly video calls with Kelly Dwyer, Bright Livelihoods CEO. (Every Tuesday at 6pm-7:30pm Mountain February 13th through April 3rd, 2018.
  • Access to digital coursework (or print option if you prefer)
  • A private Facebook group with access to inspiration from Kelly and the group
  • Real-time interaction with your coach and your fellow participants
  • Email and phone support with Kelly between sessions
  • Pre and post-program assessment that tells you how close or far you are to doing work you truly love

You get 12 hours of group coaching and have access to support from Kelly between sessions. 

PLUS, you receive a PROVEN methodology and curriculum for career transition that has helped hundreds of our clients make the change to work they love!  

Get all the guidance you need and the community you crave at a price that puts your goals within reach: $995! PAYMENT PLANS NOW ACCEPTED!



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Payment plan option: 3 payments of $365.00 billed monthly for 3 months. A 10% administrative surcharge is added to payment plan purchases for a total $1095.00. Collected via Paypal.