Yes! Find your soul work from your sofa.

Anyone can find career clarity and commit to lasting change from their sofa. Yes, even you. With Career Masters, you do the work, you declare your purpose, and you design a sustainable path. For good this time.

Who is this session for (besides you)?

  • Anyone in career transition
  • Anyone with an entrepreneurial idea
  • Anyone who's ready to grow their business or turn their side-hustle into a full time gig
  • Anyone who wants to create authentic, lasting value in their community

What do I get out of it (besides awesomeness)?

  • Insight into your career DNA
  • Ideas to maximize your personal and professional strengths
  • Strategies for living your values at home and at work
  • Confidence to define and promote your worth
  • Skills to transform all areas of your life

So, what's included (besides a brighter future)?

  • A 12-step online, on-demand program designed by Laurel Donnellan, Bright Livelihoods founder and CEO
  • Assessments to identify strengths and challenges
  • 12 proprietary modules that focus on lessons from your past, address areas for growth in your present, and establish habits for optimal future success
  • Post-program assessment to measure progress
  • A Sustainability Plan that puts the course material into real-life practice

All the guidance you need at a special price: $150.00