Master Your Career In 8 Short Weeks!

Looking for more meaning in your current career? Searching for your place in the world of work? Career Masters is our online small group program, facilitated by a Bright Livelihoods coach. Over the course of eight weeks, you'll discover how the past has informed your current attitudes around work, identify what's keeping you stuck and create a plan for securing or creating work that's aligned with who you really are. Once completed, you'll have more confidence, clarity and a practical plan for finding purpose-filled work. The group dynamic is ideal for fueling conversation and sparking imagination, turning your career confusion into career clarity.

Program includes:

  • Career analysis assessing how close or far you are to doing work you truly love
  • Program progress report
  • Guidance from your coach & our proprietary workbook loaded with self-directed exercises
  • Audio visualizations accompanying each of the 12 program chapters - yours to download & keep
  • An up-to-date, comprehensive list of resources including related books & helpful websites
  • Private social networking groups for members to connect with coaches & each other
  • Recordings of all sessions - yours to download & keep forever