Master Your Career - On Your Own Terms, In Your Own Time!

Are you looking for more meaning in your current career? Has the search for your place in the world of work stalled? You're right where you need to be. Now, get to where you want to go! Master roadblocks, master plateaus, master your future!

Career Masters is designed for your life, to allow for discovery and play on your time. Explore the lesson plan one step per week or at an accelerated pace. Your style and timeframe ultimately inform your mastery of the material. Discover how the past - family history, work-life - affects your current attitudes toward work. Identify what's holding you back. Design a plan for your future.

Once completed, you'll have more confidence, clarity. and a practical plan for securing or creating work that's aligned with who you really are - your soul work. Turn your career confusion into career clarity.

Program includes:

  • Career analysis assessing how close or far you are to doing work you truly love
  • Modules for uncovering your professional DNA
  • A step-by-step guide to take you from where you are to where you want to be
  • Exercises to help you build a personal plan for finding or creating work fueled by passion & purpose
  • Audio visualizations accompanying each of the 12 program chapters
  • A list of resources to enhance your journey - Bright Livelihoods' favorite books, websites, and videos
  • A free 30-minute soul session once you've completed the program - use it to explore issues uncovered along your journey or to advance your plan

All the guidance you need at a price that puts your goals within reach! $150.00!