Career Masters Pursue their Passions

Bright Livelihoods clients have talent, passion, great skills and wide-ranging goals. Taking the Career Masters course has helped so many focus on and direct their energies to believe in themselves and live their dreams.

As a practicing attorney and serial tech entrepreneur living in New York City, Alistair Onglingswan always had a lot of balls up in the air. “The problem with my life was that I was so busy but I lacked a purpose; I lacked a clear path to where I was trying to go.” While in the Career Masters program, Alastair found the inspiration to start-up GreenSoul Shoes, which produces shoes from recycled materials and provides them to deserving children around the world. Alastair recalls saying, “Laurel, this is unbelievable! All this happened from doing this class with you!”

Stan Weincko has taken several Bright Livelihoods courses over the years, when he has needed support and strength to align his personal goals with his professional life. Of his experience back in 2001, Stan says, “ The Career Masters Program took me out of what I think I’m supposed to do and brought me to more of what I want to do, who I want to be. It got me out of my head and more into my heart.”  Stan recently completed another session. “With this most recent class, I did have the “A-ha!” moment … I was not believing in myself and I was able to let that go. It’s really great because this course helps you bring your own truth out.”

Michael Ledbetter had a successful career in higher education publishing for over 27 years, but found himself at a career crossroads. Michael says, “I needed to get connected with others. The program sounded like something that could get me thinking outside of my comfort zone… I wanted to use my skills and abilities – to channel them somewhere else – into a different career.” As a direct result of his classwork, Michael is taking the time to chart his future course as a fitness advocate. “I’m being very picky and very selective. I don’t want to get into a high-powered, high-stress job at this point in my career. I don’t need it and I don’t want it. I have a framed card on my desk that says “Ask. Believe. Receive.” I believe that future income for me will come and it’s actually started with a freelance job where people do appreciate me. I just had to believe that it would happen.”

Do you need support and focus to pursue your passions? Our next Career Masters Live Online Group starts September 22nd.




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