Bright Livelihoods: Tips for Parents


I believe young people can grow up and have, not just a job, but a remarkable work life fueled by talents, passions, and purpose. Unfortunately,  often schools and parents are not offering the support needed to get young people on this track.  Here are a few tips to help you move your kids toward enjoyable and meaningful work:


1.Create space for dreams by being a model and being optimistic: Take steps to be proactive and satisfied  in your own career. If you are unhappy in this area of your life, make sure you introduce you children to adults who do love what they do.
2.Change the conversation to include  answering the question, “What is your dream”: Try to have these conversations without fear or judgement.
3.Know that you do not know – ask questions and BE CURIOUS: Not even economic experts can predict the jobs of the future.
4.Customize the plan to fit the dreams, talents and purpose of your children: Together with your child, create an education, activity and job plan that works for them, related to their interests, not yours.
5.Balance college prep with career prep: An understanding of career strategy and real work experience, preferably related to their interests,  is key to developing future success.


Our next Virtual Career Prep 8 week program for teens starts on June 21, 2012, 3:00-4:00 pm CT, every Monday.  To learn more or register call us at 512-222-5561.


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