Bright-er Livelihoods begin with compassion! 

Dear Friends: First, THANK YOU for supporting a dear Bright LIvelihoods graduate in her quest to compile data for an exciting new professional project. She’s proof that Bright Livelihoods clients turn their dreams into big, amazing “I did it” stories! And she couldn’t have done it without you. Stay tuned to hear how her project faired; we’ll report back in the coming weeks.

Second, the year that is – 2017 – is coming to an end. Already! There’s so much to attend to, to think about, to prepare for. Nothing, however, is worthy of your attention if you don’t build a relationship or commit to a goal without compassion. The first brick in the Bright Livelihoods foundation is, you guessed it, compassion; a solid idea upon which our model was built over 20 years ago. These days much is made about self-compassion, self-care. We couldn’t agree more with the magazine articles and blog posts touting the importance of compassion. But it’s more than a click-worthy buzz word. That’s why we’re kicking off the end of 2017 with a series dedicated to educating our fans, our friends, and those who may be new to us about compassionate coaching: what it is, why we preach it, how we infuse it in our coaching sessions.

What is Compassionate Coaching? Glad you asked…

Compassionate Coaching encourages self-compassion as well as compassion for others. This unique method balances the head with the heart. When a coach has mastered this comprehensive and integrative practice, it deepens the trust in the coach/client relationship while building clarity, confidence, and commitment within the client. This method can support people through sustainable change related to work, health, relationships and finances. We call this compassionate coaching because, at its core, are three integrated practices or areas of discovery:

  1. LOVE – Having a sacred regard for the client, their circumstances, and the world
  2. INTUITION – Accessing the spiritual gifts of the coach and the client and bringing them to the coaching process
  3. DISCERNMENT – Creating change by focusing the process toward an agreed upon objective while integrating spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical data

Kelly and I hope you’ll follow along with us as we present each practice and explore the overall process in depth. We’ll also provide tips for making compassion your go-to motivator in your daily life. Whether you’re searching for a new career or work-related challenge or looking to add more meaning to your professional life, our goal is to assist you in aligning all things with your personal discoveries about love, intuition, and discernment

Join us on the journey! Find out what compassionate coaching means for you!

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