Born to Do U’s Birth and Re-Birth

“The future belongs to those that believe in their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

In 2004, a NYC high school principal named Sarah Barnes came to me after attending one of our adult programs and asked me to create a teen version for her new high school. This labor of love included a week long training for the staff at the school, a two week 1/2 time program for students led by our coaches, and a dream show assembly where students presented their dreams through art projects, including this student video:

We call this program Born to Do U and we know that students that attend are better prepared for college and the workforce because they develop personal dreams related to having work they love, not just a job.

One of my dreams for the last eight years was to create a virtual version of  Born to Do U and last week this dream became reality. We had five participants in the pilot and each was able to clarify his or her dreams while creating a tangible project related to it including a playbill featuring a student in her future, a journal that can remind one of the participants to follow his heart, a mixed media art piece, a business plan and a slide show set to music. In addition the participants created videos about their experience with our method. Learn more about this program for 14-22 year olds, here in a video by Sofia Felmann:

If you are interested in hearing more about our programs for individuals, groups or schools,  please call or write me directly at or 512-222-6651 to arrange it.

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