Bored At Work?


“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” — Dorothy Parker

When I googled Bored at Work?, literally hundreds of sites came up that offer games and other irreverent pastimes to get you through the long days in your office. It is a reflection on the fact that many people are settling for a work life full of internet surfing while they could choose something more meaningful and much more exciting. You may be bored at work if you exhibit one or more of the following behaviors:

1. You know everything about the person in the next cubicle or office because you have nothing better to do than eavesdrop.

2. You have gained a few pounds from taking too frequent trips to Starbucks or the company vending machines.

3. You have spent the last month catching up with all your college friends on Facebook while working.

4. You watch the clock obsessively.

5. You spend more time and effort on techniques for looking busy than you actually spend on productive work.

6. You have caught up with your expense reports.

7. You toss out your trade journals as soon as they arrive.

8. You drift off into fantasies of what you’re doing after work when a client or boss is talking to you.

9. Reading the newspaper or news online with a beverage is the highlight of the work day.

10. You catch yourself yawning 3 or more times in an hour.

Life is too short! You can be on your way to having more fun and doing more good in the world if you are willing to do the deep work necessary to find and follow your calling. At Bright Livelihoods, we have a patented process and program that will help you put your passions to work. You can start the process today by calling us for a complimentary professional coaching session at (347) 766-5327.

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