Life is Short

Those words have never been more meaningful to me as they are today. Late last year I learned that my sister, Janine, was very ill. She has been diagnosed with a rare heart condition and a blood disorder and although she was being treated at one of the best hospitals in the world, we knew her chances of living a very long and healthy life were low. What we did…

Embrace Your Inner Career Changer

This is best time of year to review how your career went in 2015 and make new goals for 2016. For some of you, it may be time to make a big shift. If you spend a lot of time day dreaming about doing something new you may have an inner career changer and it may be time to start taking this voice seriously. Usually, these inner career changers fall…

reality check

Career Reality Check! Getting Ready For Your Best Year NOW

If it’s been a while since you’ve jumped out of bed, excited to get to work, you’re probably in need of a career reality check. In this #LiveYourGenius update, I outline the benefits of taking the assessment before you ring in the new year. I designed this assessment specifically to help you clarify your dream & create your definition of work/life balance. Don’t wait – go from dreamer to…


We ask – you respond! #TellUsTuesday

Thanks for participating in #TellUsTuesday! How best to deal with job search related anxieties? Don’t waste your time & energy focusing on “conquering”. Simply adjust your approach and keep moving forward.  


See a movie this weekend. See “The Intern”.

It’s an implausible idea – or is it? A savvy thirty-something businesswoman with a successful online fashion site hires a seventy-something widower to intern at her hip downtown office. If you strip away some of the film’s contrivances, the relationship forged between a digitally dialed-in executive and a restless retiree grows out of mutual curiosity and is sustained out of respect. We all have talents to share. We all have…