Happy 4th!

Heading into the holiday weekend rapping a little inspiration from one of our Founding Fathers. There’s a whole lot of truth in these words…even 200 years later!


Mindful Careers: A Conversation About Faith

The principle of faith is the foundation of a mindful career. For our purposes, faith is not necessarily connected to an organized religion but it could be, depending on your experience. Faith is a personal, positive and enduring belief. You can think of it as your personal north star and something to hold on to when you are uncertain, stressed or challenged. People are tested in jobs often. Whether it…


Mindful Intentions: Courage

Breathe in courage, breathe out fear…  


Courageous Acts: Have you flexed your courage muscles yet?

Have you jumped on Wednesday’s courage exercise? Or are you more of an “ease into it” kind of person? Tell us what your planning & share your results with us! Here’s one from the BL staff: “This week, I’m flexing my courage muscle by signing up for my first Live Lit reading. Scared to read my work in public. Nervous about the feedback I’ll get. Glad to finally commit to…

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Mindful Careers: A Career Master’s Story

We’re so proud of all our Career Masters graduates! We feature them here and with special mentions that support their latest endeavors. Steve Rocco wasn’t looking to make a drastic career change. He knew what he wanted to do. He just wanted to be sure that it was his soul work. Of his class experience, Steve says that he’s not the ‘normal’ Career Masters student. We like to say that there’s…


Real Quick Courage: A Mindful Careers Exercise

This week’s focus on courage – like all of our Bright Livelihoods principles – require practice; fun, introspective and enlightening practice. Developing and using all three types of courage is the foundation of creating a remarkable career full of promise. In order to help you on this journey, here is an exercise to help you access your courage: 1. Write down three fears you have about changing your job or career.…


Mindful Careers: A Conversation In Courage

Are you minding your career? People who find themselves in a unsatisfying job have often given their career plan to another person or an institution to manage, and not deliberately creating work that’s aligned with their values and purpose. This lands you in a situation (both physical and mental) that you never wanted to be in. The other person can include your boss, your HR professional, a therapist or coach, your…