Ask The Coach: Questions I Hear All The Time (Part I)

Should I look for new career opportunities even if I love my job?

Sound familiar? Identifying (and maximizing!) opportunities is what keeps you engaged, focused and excited about your career. Those opportunities could present themselves within other divisions of the company you currently work for. Or they may sprout out at another place, another field altogether. Your approach doesn’t have to be hardcore pavement-pounding or networking. Simply keeping an eye on what’s what and who’s who are great ways to spot company growth (or stagnation). That can lead to professional growth.

Additionally, being aware of your career surroundings could help you spot trouble instead of being blindsided by it. Here are eight reasons to start a job search even if you’re happy where you are.

I’d like to know: Have you considered a job change, or dabbled in job searching, while content with your work?

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