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Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Leslie Nazarian is one of many Bright Livelihoods clients who used the program to change their life dramatically. She  is prolifically creative and has been able to unleash and profit from her talents through her successful online gift stores and affiliate marketing business called Lesruba Designs.

When I asked her how many stores she had online, she answered “too many,” which means she has lost count of her offerings, from baby gifts to yoga novelties.  You can see her holiday themed gift selections here or peruse the many other gifts she has designed like these custom iPad cases.

When Leslie went through our program in 2004, she was conducting a corporate job search and had a work history that included art direction, licensing and design at large children’s media companies in New York City.  During her Bright Livelihoods process, she revealed her love for the internet, a dream to publish her own children’s books and an interest in entrepreneurship. She says the program gave her these insights and more importantly, a step-by-step plan to actually create work that combined all of these elements.

Today Leslie has an outlet for her inexhaustible font of ideas and loves the freedom to work from wherever she is. This could be from her NYC apartment (preferably in her PJs) or on the beach in Hawaii when she travels. She finds her new work life much more rewarding than her corporate chapter and she loves being her own boss. It has been an honor to be part of her journey and to watch her business flourish while Leslie sells her clever,  heartfelt  and humorous creations around the world.

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