Affording Dream Work

An idea that holds people back from pursuing work they love is the fear that the change will cost too much in savings or lost income. Today, I taught a webinar that provided a three step process and specific resources for developing and affording dream work:1. Clarify the dream. Through reflection, decide on what your dream work is as specifically as you can. Consider these options:

– New job
–New career
–New education
–New business
–New company
–New boss
–New team
–New department
–New location
–New purpose
–New salary
–New challenge
–Bringing an old idea to life

2. Get real with the investment. Consider the short-term and long-term financial, emotional, financial costs and benefits for creating and transitioning into work you love.3. Invest your available time, energy and/or money  to move your dream work forward. Learn more at this recording or the webinar.Laurel Donnellan


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