Name: Christine DeMarco
Prior Work: Acupuncture
Current Work: Entrepreneur
Name: Harold Higgins
Prior Work: Teacher
Current Work: Volunteer
Name: Jessica Berg
Prior Work: Office Manager
Current Work: Not for Profit Executive Director
Name: Trish Balbert
Prior Work: Actor
Current Work: Clinical Psychology
Name: Alicia Jones
Prior Work: Graphic Designer
Current Work: Health & Holistic Practitioner
Name: Karlin Sloan
Prior Work: President, Leadership Development
Current Work: President, Leadership Development
Name: Leigh Van Swall
Prior Work: Consultant
Current Work: Licensing
Name: Raquel Krouse
Prior Work: Entrepreneur
Current Work: Consultant
Name: Stephen Chen
Prior Work: Investment Analyst
Current Work: Entrepreneur
Name: Briana Clement
Prior Work: IT Executive
Current Work: Healer

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Name: Debera Johnson
Prior Work: Academic Director
Current Work: Design Pioneer
Name: Rob Lederer
Prior Work: Consultant
Current Work: Entrepreneur

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