Hear what clients say about our coaching programs:Name: Raymond Sinatra
Prior Work: Learning and Development Executive
Current Work:  Learning and Development Executive

Name: Alastair
Prior Work: Attorney
Current Work: Socially Responsible Entrepreneur

In addition to working with individuals like the ones below, our corporate clients have included executives at IBM, JP Morgan Chase,  Yahoo!,  MTV Networks, Rodale Press, Leo Burnett, Jose Cuervo International, McKinsey and Company,  The New York Stock Exchange, Western Athletic Clubs, Castletroy Park Hotel in Ireland, and Pacific Island Clubs in Micronesia. We have brought value to start-ups, mid-size companies, not for profits, schools, churches, summer camps and a prison. Our one-of-a-kind programs support the health of values-driven organizations by enhancing hiring, leadership development, outplacement and retirement planning protocols.

Bright Livelihoods career change programs unleash passions and potential while developing change readiness and resilience, learn more from the people we have helped:

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Name: Christine DeMarco
Prior Work: Acupuncture
Current Work: Entrepreneur
Name: Harold Higgins
Prior Work: Teacher
Current Work: Volunteer
Name: Jessica Berg
Prior Work: Office Manager
Current Work: Not for Profit Executive Director
Name: Trish Balbert
Prior Work: Actor
Current Work: Clinical Psychology
Name: Alicia Jones
Prior Work: Graphic Designer
Current Work: Health & Holistic Practitioner
Name: Karlin Sloan
Prior Work: President, Leadership Development
Current Work: President, Leadership Development
Name: Leigh Van Swall
Prior Work: Consultant
Current Work: Licensing
Name: Raquel Krouse
Prior Work: Entrepreneur
Current Work: Consultant
Name: Stephen Chen
Prior Work: Investment Analyst
Current Work: Entrepreneur
Name: Briana Clement
Prior Work: IT Executive
Current Work: Healer

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Name: Debera Johnson
Prior Work: Academic Director
Current Work: Design Pioneer
Name: Rob Lederer
Prior Work: Consultant
Current Work: Entrepreneur

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