We transform career confusion into career clarity.

What does that mean? It means we support people just like you - people who are ready to do what they were born to do. Leaders and entrepreneurs with a passion for professional development. Job changers seeking a more meaningful career path. Legacy-minded individuals inspired to leave their mark in a chosen field or in their community. How? By helping you identify work that you love & designing a mindful strategy for doing it! Why? So you can live your genius.

Define your purpose. Solidify your vision. Bright Livelihoods coaching, courses and tools are everything you need to find your place in the world of work - and beyond.


Whatever your motivation – career change, executive advancement, a legacy project – our coaches guide you every step of the way.  The result is a bespoke plan for a life lived according to your genius.

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We offer online courses that bring you closer to your life's professional goals - at your own pace and your budget. Bright Start is a shot of espresso - caffeine for your career delivered in a compact package. Career Masters is like a latte with friends - a deeper exploration of where you are right now and where you want to be.

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Develop your plan with one of our books. For over 30 years, founder Laurel Donnellan has helped people find balance & fulfillment in their work lives. Learn from her professional & personal experiences at your own pace.

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Kate Mashburn - Financial Accountant

The program facilitated my transition from working at a job that stressed me out to having one with normal working hours, better health and more time to have the life I now love. Without the program, I would probably be working in the same field, working for different people and having the same stresses.


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